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A show where two small town dudes give you their big dumb opinions.


February 20, 2020

Locke & Key

T-Max has sung the praise of the comic series for a while now, but now it's on Netflix as a series, and your favorite hosts are hot on the case with Locke & Key!  Did it meet T-Max's expectations?  Was it as good as the other comic to series adaptations Netflix has done in the past?  Tune in and find out!!!

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February 18, 2020

RR Flashback: Thelma & Louise

After talking about a rag tag group of women on the run, why not talk about the quintessential "women on the run" movie with our flashback review on Thelma and Louise.  Is it as great as people make it out to be?  Tune in and find out!!!! 

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We've always had a complicated relationship with DC and now that they have released their latest film, of course we need to talk about it.  The Birds of Prey with Harley Quinn hit theaters and your favorite P-cast hosts have something to say about it.  Is it same old same old from Camp DC or will it stick out as one of their better films?  Tune in and find out!!!!

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February 10, 2020

RR Flashback: Aquaman

After talking about the wet and wild Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and looking forward to our Birds of Prey review this week, what better way to combine the two then to revisit our review of the DC film, Aquaman.  How did we take it when this first came out?  Tune in and find out!!!

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We have always appreciated our fans so it's time to give back to one of our most loyal fans from across the pond.  Our Australian fan, Jude, asked us to cover The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and despite not being the biggest Wes Andersen fans, our hosts are more than happy to take him up on his offer and discuss this Bill Murray classic.  Will this film win over our hosts after having not seen it in almost 15 years?  Tune in and find out!!!!

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February 3, 2020

RR Extra: Royal Rumble 2020

We are a week removed from one of the WWE's key shows of the year and so of course that means that we gotta get the gang together to talk about all things wrestling.  Where does this show rank out of other Royal Rumbles?  Tune in and find out!!!

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January 31, 2020


Dumb Action January comes to a close as we cover one of T-Max's favorite action movies ever with the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, Commando.  Will this 80's insanity fest win over our hearts?  Tune in and find out!!! 

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Time for your hosts to catch up with what's going on in their lives with another Shootin the Shit.  Check it out!!!!!

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January 22, 2020

Tango & Cash

Dumb Action January is in full force and we have one that has been requested by quite a few people, so of course we are here to deliver with our review of Tango & Cash.  Is this epic high five really worth it?  Tune in and find out!!!

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After our review of Mortal Kombat, let's talk about another "video game" movie.  We're going back into the Oasis with our flashback review of Ready Player One.  How did this Spielberg hit from years ago strike us at the time?  Tune in and find out!!!

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